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Taking a taxi from Amsterdam to Bruges to start your trip? With our Amsterdam-Bruges taxi service service, you can see the best of Bruges in comfort and style. You can enjoy the history and beauty of this medieval town at your own pace with our taxi tour Bruges plan.

In addition, our taxi service from Amsterdam to Bruges makes getting between these two famous places easy and seamless. We can help you, whether you want a guided taxi tour of Bruges to find the city’s secret gems or a taxi from Amsterdam to Bruges for a smooth trip.

Bruges is a picturesque city located in Belgium, known for its charming canals, historic architecture, and rich cultural heritage. With a history dating back to the Middle Ages, Bruges has been well-preserved, earning its nickname as the “Venice of the North.”

Visitors can explore the historic market square, home to the Belfry, a towering medieval bell tower offering panoramic views of the city. Another must-see attraction is Burg Square, surrounded by historic buildings including the City Hall and Basilica of the Holy Blood.

Bruges is also famous for its art, with numerous museums and galleries showcasing works by local and international artists. The Groeningemuseum is particularly noteworthy, housing a collection of Flemish primitive paintings and sculptures.

For those seeking a more active experience, Bruges offers plenty of outdoor activities, such as boat rides on its picturesque canals and bike tours through the countryside. The city is also known for its delicious cuisine, including Belgian chocolate, waffles, and local beer.

Overall, Bruges is a unique destination that offers a blend of historical, cultural, and recreational experiences, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to explore Europe.


Tour includes

Bruges, Belgium

This tour lasts +/-9 hours

EUR 600,- (max 4 pers)
EUR 650,- (max 8 pers)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a private taxi tour from Amsterdam to Bruges?

Book your tour online through our booking form by selecting your ride details, choosing a suitable vehicle for your group, and entering your contact information for booking confirmation.

What does the private taxi tour to Bruges include?

This tour includes a round-trip private taxi service from Amsterdam to Bruges, with a total duration of approximately 9 hours, covering both travel time and the exploration period in Bruges. The driver will wait for you as you visit the city's sights.

How much does the taxi tour from Amsterdam to Bruges cost?

The cost is EUR 600 for up to 4 persons and EUR 650 for up to 8 persons. This price encompasses the return journey and the convenience of having the driver wait for you in Bruges.

What is the duration of the taxi tour from Amsterdam to Bruges, and what can I see there?

The tour lasts around 9 hours, including a travel time of approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes each way from Amsterdam. Once in Bruges, you have the opportunity to visit many locations, exploring the city's rich history and beautiful architecture at your leisure.

Can I customize the tour itinerary to Bruges?

Absolutely, you're encouraged to customize your itinerary to suit your personal interests and pace. The tour is designed to be flexible, allowing you to make the most of your time in Bruges with your driver waiting for you.

What types of vehicles are available for the tour, and how do they cater to different group sizes?

A variety of vehicles are available, including luxury sedans for smaller groups and spacious vans for up to 8 persons, ensuring a comfortable and accommodating travel experience for any group size on your journey to and from Bruges.

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