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Taxi Amsterdam Keukenhof: Private Taxi Journey from Amsterdam to the Tulip Fields Garden

taxi amsterdam to keukenhofWhile Keukenhof is renowned for its flowers, Taxi Amsterdam Banerra is known for offering a fixed price whenever you book a taxi with us. We provide your taxi ride day and night to and from Keukenhof, ensuring there are no hidden fees.

Taxi from Amsterdam to Keukenhof

Discover the enchanting beauty of the Netherlands with our exclusive taxi service from Amsterdam to the world-famous Keukenhof Tulip Fields. As you leave the bustling cityscape of Amsterdam, prepare for a picturesque ride through the serene Dutch countryside, dotted with charming villages and vibrant flower fields.

Journey Highlights:

  • Estimated Travel Time: Our journey typically takes around 35 minutes, offering a swift yet scenic route to the Keukenhof Gardens.
  • Landmarks Along the Way: En route, witness the iconic Dutch windmills and historical sites, providing a glimpse into the Netherlands’ rich heritage.
  • Unique Service Features: Enjoy a luxurious and comfortable ride with amenities like free Wi-Fi, complimentary refreshments, and a choice of music to enhance your experience.

Cultural Insights: As you approach Keukenhof, immerse yourself in the history and significance of the tulip in Dutch culture. Our knowledgeable drivers are happy to share fascinating stories and facts, making your journey both informative and enjoyable.

Personalize Your Experience: We understand that every journey is unique. Let us know if you wish to make any stops for photos or to explore a particular sight along the way. Our service is tailored to your preferences, ensuring a memorable trip.

Best Time to Visit: Keukenhof is a seasonal wonder, open typically from March to May. Plan your visit to witness the splendid bloom of over 7 million tulips, creating a mesmerizing palette of colors.

Keukenhof Taxi

Experience the comfort, convenience, and charm of our private taxi service as you travel from Amsterdam to the Keukenhof Tulip Fields. Book your journey with us and let us make your visit to the Netherlands unforgettable.

Experience the splendor of spring at De Keukenhof, a top-rated Dutch attraction, with our exclusive Taxi to Keukenhof’ service. This renowned park, a highlight of the Netherlands, attracts over 1.5 million visitors annually.

Witness Keukenhof’s mesmerizing flower gardens, showcasing over seven million blooms, including 800 tulip varieties.

Our Taxi Amsterdam Keukenhof service offers a comfortable and convenient journey, letting you explore the Keukenhof’s inspiring gardens, vibrant floral displays, and unique landscape architecture.

Open from mid-March to mid-May, remember to dress warmly for this seasonal wonder. Discover the easiest way to get to Keukenhof with our reliable taxi service, ensuring a memorable visit


Tour includes

De Keukenhof

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EUR 300,- (max 8 pers)


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Keukenhof Taxi and Tulip Festival: Entry Ticket

You can spend an entire day marveling at the flowers and art sculptures in the gardens of Keukenhof. If you’re planning to visit with a group, you can certainly book a taxi. The park features inspiring gardens with various themes.

Experience the tropical beach garden and the mystical garden, among others. The Oranje Nassau Pavilion hosts several flower shows, spotlighting different types of flowers.

Additionally, you can enjoy a peaceful journey through the surroundings on an electric-powered whisper boat. The boat trip lasts about 60 minutes, allowing you to silently appreciate the glorious bulb fields.

Book your taxi to Keukenhof with Taxi Amsterdam Banerra! Visit the Keukenhof website for the full schedule and buy your Keukenhof entry ticket here


The best way to travel is by booking a taxi from Amsterdam to Keukenhof. It offers a comfortable and direct route to the gardens.

A taxi from Amsterdam to Keukenhof typically takes about 35 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Yes, it’s advisable to book your taxi Amsterdam to Keukenhof in advance for convenience and to ensure availability.

Keukenhof is renowned for its stunning tulip displays, featuring millions of tulips in a variety of colors and patterns.

Yes, Keukenhof is open in 2024 from 21 March to 12 May. Check the exact dates before planning your trip with a taxi from Amsterdam to Keukenhof because each year the dates might vary. 

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